How do you say “SCCAA”?

It’s pronounced “skah.” It’s short for Santa Clara County Activists for Animals.

In what cities does SCCAA operate?

Any place in the Bay Area where we can make a difference for animals …  but most of our activities are in the South Bay.

Is SCCAA an animal welfare group, an animal liberation group, or an animal rights group?

We’re more interested in action than in labels. We support any reasonable measures to improve the lives of animals.

Is your organization affiliated with the Humane Society or PETA?

We have no affiliations, but we have provided local support for campaigns by the HSUS, PETA and by other groups. When we have common cause, we are happy to work with other organizations, but we remain independent.

What sort of activities does SCCAA engage in?

Our tactics have ranged from letter-writing to picketing to handing out free vegan food. For more details, see About Us and Past Events.

So you guys are vegan?

Some members are vegan, some are just vegetarian, and others are still working their way up to vegetarianism. We’re not about purity, we’re about each person doing what he or she can.