sccaaLogoMediumOur Mission

Santa Clara County Activists for Animals is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to reducing and eliminating the suffering of animals and to raising community awareness of animal issues. Our main focus is Santa Clara County, but we also participate in campaigns outside the county. We are motivated by compassion — we seek to prevent cruelty to all animals, especially those used for food, clothing, and entertainment.

Our Work

Santa Clara County Activists for Animals was born out of the fight for California’s Proposition 2, which passed and curbs the worst practices found in California factory farms. Prop. 2 guarantees that all veal calves, breeding pigs, and egg-laying hens in California will be given enough room to stretch their limbs and turn around.

Activists throughout the state gathered signatures to put Prop. 2 on the ballot. In Santa Clara County, thousands of fliers were distributed to voters and endorsements were secured from local community leaders. On election night, Prop. 2 carried Santa Clara County with over 66% of the vote!